This village is situated at the extreme south end of the Delta de l’Ebre on Alfacs Bay. A village surrounded by rice fields in between the Encanyissada and Tancada lagoons. Next to the Eucalyptus Beach and Uet Beach. Beside the Trabucador are the Trinitat Salt Mines and the old Sant Antoni Salt Mines where “Mön Natura Delta de l’Ebre” Interpretation Centre is located. The village was actually built in 1957 for the rice workers, nick-named the “settlers”. It was called Villafranco del Delta till 2003. The construction is very characteristic of typical Mediterranean fishing villages. Low, square-shaped, white-painted houses, with an interior patio. Poblenou del Delta is also noted for the contrast between white buildings and the colourful streets that are full of flowers.


This is the third most humid zone in southern Europe. It is characterised by the enormous amount of birdlife found, both migratory and breeding colonies. A great variety of species are to be found including pink flamingos, kingfishers, terns, grey herons, gulls, etc. Furthermore, due to the great extension of the Delta, we can find various unique spaces such as the Fangar Lighthouse, Fangar Peninsula, Banya Point, together with the Trabucador and Trinitat Salt Mines. Alfacs Bay and Fangar Bar mussel farms, the River Ebro mouth, the Illa de Buda and Poblenou del Delta. The lagoons stand out even more, where the birds gather.The Encanyissada and Tancada lagoons or the “Olles” or the “Garxal”.



The Terres de l’Ebre embrace a great variety of landscapes and an outstanding conservation model for biodiversity. This includes the Delta de l’Ebre and Ports Natural Parks and the Sebes Nature Reserve The backbone of the Terres de l’Ebre is the same River Ebro that flows into the Mediterranean Sea. In 2013, the Terres de l’Ebre were designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. This distinction highlights the diversity and conservation of all these ecosystems and their existence with the local population.This relationship has honed this territory’soutstanding and individual features.